Halfway done with this year...

Woof, what a crazy 3 months it's been! Lots of good fortune and good times happening so far, which I am very grateful for. Instead of waxing poetic about it, here's a few images that'll give you an idea of what I've been up to. Behold! :)




I had the pleasure of watching these two darlings (yes, it's two different dogs!) meet for the first time, after many months of smack-talking on Facebook. The two boys ended up loving each other in the end. So a celebratory photoshoot happened. In pretty dress, cuz, well, I guess that's what Supermodels wear. LOL I've also had the good fortune of shooting some gorgeous abodes!







The home in the last three images is still up for sale, for any LA locals. You can check it and the rest of the set I shot at http://18412bessemer.aaroehomes.com/

For the moment, it's back to the land of Paperwork for me! Hope everyone's having a great summer! :)

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