What's new and who are you? Part 1

It's been 6 months since I last wrote. A touch embarrassing. But there have been a lot of changes going on.

Firstly, I did some experimentation with my offerings. An opportunity cropped up last year to work as an event photographer, which I jumped towards. As my first practical experience was as a photojournalist for my college newspaper, I could see the parallels and relished the opportunity. The organization was also a cause I believe in. So for the past year, this category ended up in my galleries. Alas, I found that I was stretching myself too thin. My quality didn't have a chance to suffer, but I foresaw it would if I didn't take heed. So, the "Events" gallery is gone and anything I consider particularly stellar will be re-distributed among my Personal work galleries.

Second order of business- I have a new logo! While playing around with type, I remembered an old Victorian chandelier I saw as a child. My mum was meeting with a client at her home and brought me along, sitting me in the dining room with my crayons and colouring book while they met in the living room. This client lived in an old Queen Anne house, which she and her husband were restoring. I remember never touching those crayons. Not a line was coloured or filled in that afternoon. I just laid on the floor and stared up at the chandelier. The seed for my love of architecture was planted that day. Tying the letters together is a ladybug, my totem animal. Aside from a ladybugs beauty, it also stands for good luck, dreams, and a playful spirit. I'd like to think I have one or two of these qualities. :)

Well, that's it for now. If I left anything out, please feel free to ask! Look for part 2 next month!

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