My own personal "Clickhole"

I'm sure everyone's heard of Clickhole, the website meant to having you clicking on links that catch the eye. If you do it properly, an entire day will have gone by before you realize that set of 30 photos aren't going to retouch themselves.

Thus, I'll introduce you to my own personal version of it. I was turned on about a year ago to Circa, a website specializing in links to real estate listing of older/historical properties. So much eye candy that it might actually make you want to put your money where your eye is! To be honest, the only thing that's stopped me is that I, ya know, rather like living in L.A. and most of my biological family is on the West Coast. Otherwise, trust that I'd pick up the hubby and family, move ourselves to the East Coast, and enjoy hosting many a long summer picnic at my gorgeous historical house! I'd live happily ever after, etc, etc...

Back in the real world, let me make it clear that this post isn't sponsored or in any way associated with Circa. I'd actually like to work with them someday, I'll admit that. For the moment, I'll moon at the gorgeous offerings on their site. Today's post was inspired by this guy, one of my ideal dream homes, down to the furnishings.

I'm genuinely curious, do you have your own clickhole? Tell me about it! I'm always on the lookout for new things to catch my eye. :)

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